We are a group of synthetic inorganic chemists who are interested in broad problems relevant to nature, energy, and new materials. We are currently recruiting new members and those interested should go to the openings tab under “The Team.”

Recent News

Prizes for the Prized

Congratulations to Lauren McNamara¬† for being awarded the WCC/Merck Research Award 2024 and to Maia Czaikowski for winning the Amgen Women in Chemistry Graduate Student Award! We’re lucky to have such brilliant students in the lab, and we’re delighted to see their hard work rewarded.

Parties, Partings and New Partners

Congratulations to Joe Scott for passing his candidacy exam!

We also have bid a fond farewell to Jorge and Andrew, our beloved post-docs, and we wish them both happy reactions at PNNL!

Lastly, a warm welcome to our new graduate student group members! We’re excited to make some molecules with you.

Congratulations, Aloha, and Aloha

Congratulations to Norman on successfully defending his thesis and on his ascension to a position as an R&D Process Chemist at Air Liquide! Also welcome to our new graduate student Joseph Scott– we’re excited to make some bonds together (multiple bonds).

Congratulations to Dr. Margaret Kelty and Dr. Jiaze Xie!

Congrats to our two newest PhDs! We will miss you both, but we look forward to seeing the great science you do in your independent careers! Also, we are happy to welcome Dr. Ningxin Jiang to the group. We are thrilled to have you as part of the team!

New Year, New Title

Congratulations to John on his promotion to Associate Professor! We are also happy to welcome a new postdoc, Pat, and two new graduate students, Chen-Yu and Alex, to the group. We look forward to doing some cool science together!

That Quantum DOE

The lab has received a second round of DOE funding to support a collaborative project aiming to advance quantum information science. Read about the highlighted project here!