Come join us!

Information for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

The Anderson Lab is currently recruiting new members! Interested undergraduate or graduate students should contact John about research in the lab and what projects are currently underway.

Information for Post-Doctoral Scholars

Experience with synthetic chemistry, particularly with air-free Schlenk ad glove box techniques as well as standard characterization techniques such as NMR, IR, UV-vis, and XRD, are encouraged. Additional expertise with techniques including photophysical measurements, magnetic measurements, magnetic resonance, spectroscopies such as EPR and XAS, cell and/or animal studies, and kinetic measurements are a bonus.

Interested and qualified applicants should send 1) a CV with a list of publications, 2) a summary of previous and current research interests, and 3) a Contribution to Group Climate statement to Also, please have three references available upon request.

We are currently seeking applicants with interests and experience across a range of areas including (but not limited to): 1) molecular synthetic inorganic chemistry, 2) photophysical chemistry, 3) bioinorganic chemistry (synthetic modeling and/or cell and animal studies), 4) quantum information science (magnetic resonance experiments), 5) (electro)catalysis, 6) organic methodology, 7) materials and solid-state chemistry, 8) conductive materials, 9) magnetic materials.